The 39 North Master Plan is a vision to create a research and innovation district in west St. Louis County.  The plan establishes a comprehensive framework to support a thriving and connected district which: 
  • Drives economic growth by promoting the St. Louis region’s global leadership in plant science and agtech.
  • Expands workforce opportunity and job creation at all levels.
  • Encourages innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Promotes sustainable practices.
  • Establishes a mix of active uses and promotes access to diverse housing options.
  • Engages with local education and industry partners and local communities.

Study Area Boundary


The Master Plan will define a strategic mix of active uses and guide the density and scale of future development. Included in the 575 acre study area is the Danforth Plant Science Center and the Bio-Research and Development Growth (BRDG) Park, properties to the north and west, and the Monsanto Campus to the south.

 We are excited to embark on this master planning project to further cultivate innovation in Creve Coeur and the St. Louis region  Mayor Barry Glantz, City of Creve Coeur

A series of workshops were held in a collaborative effort between the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, the City of Creve Coeur, and key stakeholders. Workshops identified key issues, development goals and scenarios, design guidelines and a design framework to compose the final comprehensive plan. Focus groups encompassing key stakeholders were engaged throughout the planning process to shape a vision for the future at 39 North.

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